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Can you afford the American Dream? With, DFDC, that answer will most certainly be yes. Debt Free Debt Consolidation proudly offers solutions to almost any debt problem that might be standing in your way. Debt Free Debt Consolidation has a track record of helping millions of consumers across the country get out of debt within five years through solid, reliable debt consolidation programs.

"Something changes inside you. You feel a massive sense of relief within, as you can at last see the light at the end of the dark tunnel. This new-found sense of hope revitalizes you, and it adds a spring to your step. Suddenly, things aren't so bad anymore. Finally, you are going to be debt free."

We Help Defy the Odds Every Single Day

Because we represent a non-profit debt consolidation agency, your fees won't break the bank. Instead, the certified non-profit credit counselors we are affiliated with get your balances and interest rates negotiated through negotiation with your creditors. Once your balances are negotiated and combined, you make one affordable payment each month. One single monthly payment. That's it. Imagine that! Here's what you can expect from our affiliates:

At Debt Free Debt Consolidation, our goal is to help you become debt free so you can achieve the American Dream. It's up to you to take the first step by taking advantage of our free service. We aim to support the plight of the debt-challenged consumer--one consumer at a time--starting with you. Go ahead and get your free quote/referral today when you fill out our complimentary form!

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"When I signed on for the consolidation plan offered by Debt Free Debt Consolidation, I was scared. You hear things ... But, they immediately put my suspicions to rest when I received my follow up phone call. I got a reasonable interest rate that was much better than my 14 various credit card account rates ..."
- Wayne, Facilities management and cleaning
Durham, North Carolina

"When I graduated from college, I knew I'd have student loan payments, but I never knew they'd be as high as they were. The experts at Debt Free Debt Consolidation told me about student loan debt consolidation. Now my student loan payments are half of what they used to be."
- Jeff, Systems Analyst
Indianapolis, IN

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